Dunkey SR
Dunkey SR


Back in the fall of 2016, Willem Swikker and Jan Blaauw started writing songs for their new project Dunkey SR. In his long time career as a professional musician Willem Swikker has participated in many bands and recordings, resulting in released albums. It was about time to start a project under his own name. In Jan Blaauw he found his co-writer.

Both men worked together in the late eighties in a band called 'Blues on the Green', did some demo recordings, played live shows and moved on to new musical territories.

But the idea to write and record an album of their own never faded from their minds. And now, four years after take off, guest musicians were invited and recordings are finished. 'Retirement Plan' will certainly be no background music, but a journey into a world as described by Dunkey SR.

Dunkey SR - Retirement Plan. Download the lyrics of the album.

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Dunkey SR

How a chance meeting, forty-seven years ago, results in a new album. That is the short version of the history behind 'Retirement Plan'.

As a little kid Jan Blaauw heard music coming out of an old building near the play ground where he would spend his time after school. The interior of the improvised studio was filled with instruments. Walls covered with egg cartons and worn rugs on the floor. Rough looking musicians making music, including Willem Swikker playing on his Fender Rhodes. From that moment on playing music sparked Jan his interest and he tried to figure out how to enter the mystical world of music. But the opportunity for a musical collaboration with Willem was far away. It would take more than a decade before both men could be heard and seen playing their own written songs live, together on the same stage.

WIllem, by that time a respected piano and keyboard player, played amongst other groups, in a band named 'The Booze and Blues Band'. This band was visited frequently by Jan Blaauw, when the band was playing in venues nearby. Jan on his turn developped a keen interest in blues and started writing lyrics as soon as he came in contact with the possibility to make his own music and perform.

One evening in the late eighties Jan did a show with his band 'Blues on the Green'. Willem was part of the audience and approached Jan after the show, sharing his interest and offering to team up whenever Jan needed a keyboard player.

Willem by that time also joined the worldwide well known guitarist Jan Akkerman. Toured for six years with the legendary guitarplayer and Jan Blaauw would come along to visit many shows. Being on the road together Willem and Jan shared their ideas of creating their own music. Willem joined Blues on the Green and they could immediately play their new written songs on stage.

When 'Blues on the Green' stopped it did not stop Jan's inspiration in writing lyrics and songs. But it takes some time to meet the right people. One of the people he met was guitarist Ruben Hoeke. Together they formed JURA. Resulting in two albums: 'Freedom Road' and 'River Songs'. And just like with Willem Swikker a longtime friendship developped over the years.

And that is the overall story about Dunkey SR. Friendship. JaapJan Schermer was invited to play the drums. He joined Boogie Woogie piano player Rob Hoeke at the age of seventeen. Developed his skills over decades without ever losing his natural energy. Doing a fantastic job on Johnny Laporte's latest album 'Mirrors Don't Lie'.

Rick Nieuwenhuizen plays bass. He and JaapJan Schermer lay down the foundation of 'Retirement Plan'. Rick Nieuwenhuizen was locally known for playing in GR and the Mischiefs, the Ship and Horse Band and is now playing in Stevie Ray Vaughan Undercover with guitarplayer Rob Winter - who played with Marco Borsato - and drummer Fokke de Jong - old member of the Dutch rockband Normaal.

With JaapJan Schermer and Rick Nieuwenhuizen being members of the band Johnny Laporte LIVE, together with Willem Swikker, Ruben Hoeke and Jan Blaauw, the band composition of Dunkey SR is no surprise. Frans Lewakabessy was invited to join the recordings as extra guitarist.

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On February 18th 2023 - Dunkey SR played live in Podium Victorie in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. You may call it a post release show to celebrate the launch of their succesful album 'Retirement Plan'. In front of a sold out house they performed their song 'Drop of Rain'.

Dunkey SR

The 'Deurmat sessies' team of Podium Victorie in Alkmaar paid a visit to Jan Blaauw at the River Studio, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. An interview about his 40 year jubilee, the planned show (unfortunately canceled due to the Corona-crisis) and a acoustic performance of one the songs from Dunkey SR-album.

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Journalist Mark Minnema wrote down the story of Dunkey SR. Klick here to read the article in the newspaper (Dutch article)!


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Noord-Hollands Dagblad - Muziek, totdat de keel er uiteindelijk mee stopt (Dutch article)

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All 'Retirement Plan' songs written and composed by Willem Swikker and Jan Blaauw.

Dunkey SR band:
Willem Swikker - Piano, Hammond
Jan Blaauw - Vocals
Ruben Hoeke - Electric Guitar
JaapJan Schermer - Drums
Rick Nieuwenhuizen - Bass

Frans Lewakabessy - Guest guitarist

Recorded at the River Studio, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Recording facilities: Rein Wynja
Recording technician: Frank van Yperen
Arrangements: Willem Swikker
Mix and mastering by Willem Swikker, Jan Blaauw and Frank van Yperen

Artwork and design by Jan Blaauw

Original photography album cover by Frank Nieuwenhuizen
Original band photo by Marianne Schouten

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For bookings and extra information about Dunkey SR contact us at: dunkeysr@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook where we share our events.

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